Construction of fiber optic networks

Fonon Sp. z o.o. specializes in designing and building fiber optic networks. We collaborate with the most experienced construction companies in the whole country. We work with the most modern equipment and technology in the telecommunications industry. We participate in the implementation of investments of a local and national scope. The location of our branches in different parts of the country allows us to efficiently coordinate the implementation of large-scale projects. Satisfaction of our clients and investors allows us to constantly expand our group of business partners. Choosing Fonon is a guarantee of a fast and efficient realization of your investment.

Design of fiber optic networks

Designing fiber optic networks in compliance with all standards and applicable laws and properly performed construction of fiber optic networks requires great precision, knowledge and acquaintance of modern technologies in telecommunication industry. We have an experienced team of designers, project coordinators and site managers in the telecommunications industry who regularly improve their qualifications, which is confirmed by a quality of our fiber optic construction. This allows us to take an individual approach to each client and each project and select optimal solutions for design and implementation.

Construction of fiber optic networks

The construction of optical fibers, due to its properties, is today the only choice, if the distance of the points which we want to communicate, is significant. It is the only transmission medium which keeps maintaining stability, excellent link parameters and high throughput to send the signal over a great distance. The best example showing the possibilities offered by the construction of the optical fiber is a SEA-ME-WE 3 – undersea telecommunication cable. It is 39,000 kilometers long and connects Western Europe and the Middle East with Asia and Australia.

The scope of our services in the construction of fiber-optic networks includes:

  • Designing optical fiber networks;
  • Performing preliminary economic analysis and valuation of implementation costs and defining technical conditions of investment execution;
  • Carrying out local inspections and stocktaking of the infrastructure in the field;
  • Integration with existing or designed telecommunication infrastructure;
  • Construction of an optical fiber network, including obtaining required permits, arrangements, agreements, opinions and decisions necessary to execute the investment;
  • Construction of single-mode and multimode optical fiber networks;
  • Comprehensive construction of optical fiber networks with the use of the most effective techniques of blowing and pulling the cable in the tele technical sewage system;
  • Construction of an optical fiber on the existing column substructure;
  • Construction of power connections to supply active elements of an optical fiber network;
  • Construction of a fiber optic network in FTTX architecture;
  • Creation of a full as-built documentation with geodesic measurements;
  • Management of a local and remote failure rectification, including locating and repairing defects in a telecommunication networks (both overhead and ground);
  • Construction of a tele technical sewage system;
  • Welding of a fiber optic cables;
  • Reflectometric measurements;
  • Implementation of inspections of telecommunication networks.